I first heard about Adam Warren listing to an Inkstuds podcast with Adam Warren, Brandon Graham, and Bryan Lee O’Malley.  You can find the Podcast HERE.

I was, of course, familiar with Bryan Lee O’Malley (Scott Pilgrim, Seconds) and Brandon Graham. But Adam Warren was a new name to me.  Turns out, he’s been doing this forever and my dumbass just never heard of him.

He’s done a lot – but he’s currently working on a comic called Empowered.  It’s a good comic, disguised as a sexy comic.  It started out by him taking advantage of all the requests he’d gotten to draw scantily clad women in sexy and dubious poses.

Then he started turning it into a comic.


The results is this incredibly well drawn, clever comic.

He had a one shot recently that I picked up – and it was all about violence and guns – done with the Empowered Sexy-silly style.  You can pick it up on Dark Horse Digital HERE.

He’s serialized the first volume of empowered on the web.  So you can actually read the first volume HERE.  But if you like, and want more – I recommend hitting up Dark Horse Digital – they seem to have bundle deals and everything up there.